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About Us

We are a small home operated business specializing in cheesecakes, wedding cakes and other specialty desserts, and appetizers. We are located the central Kentucky area. All of our products are made to order using high quality ingredients. Whether you are looking for that perfect wedding cake, a special occasion dessert, or a fun party full of goodies, this is the place for you. No matter your style, be it funky, fun, or conservative, you name it, we can make your dream cake!

About my business:
I have been making cheesecakes since 1996 for weddings and other special occasions. I have created a recipe that is so rich and creamy everyone is sure to enjoy.
In 2001 I began taking lessons for baking and cake decorating. Since then I have been making wedding cakes as well as other tiered cakes, specialty cakes, fancy desserts, and now appetizers.
If you would like a cake, or other item not seen on these pages I would be happy to make it for you, all I need is either a picture or a detailed description of the design. Many get design ideas from invitations, wedding dress or decor, and even a favorite piece of fabric. I will be continuing to update my website as I get requests for new and different desserts and appetizers, as well as more pictures.

Additional Information:
Your basic cake choices are made from a good quality cake mix. These mixes are so well done that no one can tell they are not made from scratch.
Your gourmet cake choices are any type of cake you love made from scratch. Such as Red Velvet, Carrot Cake, Death by Chocolate, and so forth.
My buttercream icing is always made fresh.
Fondant is the smooth rolled icing, you can add flavorings to this, original flavor is a marshmallow taste, this is usually made from scratch as well.
Gumpaste is another type of rolled icing usually used to make life-like floral arrangements to decorate cakes with.
Then there is a Marzipan icing that can be used like the fondant. The fondant, gumpaste, and marzipan are all in the same price category.

Many wonder what is a filling? A filling is a layer of icing, fruit, etc. in between the layers of a cake. You can have as many layers as you want. Filling choices for your layered cakes can include any of your favorites. Some common choices are a pureed fruit, a whipped topping (this can be mixed with fruit and a variety of other choices), a custard, chocolate creams or frostings, and the list can go on.

Please be sure to mention any allergies you, or anyone who may be eating the items you choose, may have.

Sorry, we do not do birthday specific cakes. However, if you see any other cake you like, or if you have a design in mind we will try to accomidate.

Placing Orders:
Most small orders can be made with a few days notice, but I do recommend giving a 2 week notice on all small orders, and 4 weeks on larger orders to be safe.
For all orders $50 or more there will be a minimum deposit of 25% of the total order required to save your date. Then we will gladly take payments if you need. All orders must be paid in full prior to delivery. We accept pay-pal, cash, money orders, or check (as long as it is local, or 2 weeks prior to your date).